Merrymeeting Trail Committee

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 8:30-10:30

Bowdoinham Town Hall


Attending: Nicole Briand, Linda Christie, Steve Musica, Victor Langelo, Bob Bruce, Dave Wood, Burnham Martin, Tom Reeves, Alicia Heyburn

Tony Donovan: unexpected guest, represents Maine Rail Transit Coalition an advocacy organization supported by Nat’l Association of Realtors. Concern that State of Maine owned corridors be evaluated and engineered for passenger rail for econ value and environmental impact prior to any additional investment in trail use of the corridor. Shared concerns with Northern Maine Passenger Rail Authority last week, legislative task force formed to identify passenger rail corridors .“Can we work together and have a conversation.” It is his opinion that the rail corridors highest and best use is for passenger rail. His findings are that recreational uses of the corridor are expensive, no econ value, and environmentally damaging. Seeking an immediate freeze on trail construction in an emergency bill to the legislature. Claims we need 1’ away from center of track for every mile of speed, passenger train speed is 60mph.

Action: Nicole will contact our representatives to make sure that the bills he mentioned are not being considered without input from the trails coalition. Bob will ask BCM for assistance.

For future: if unannounced person comes to the meeting ask them to submit request to be put on the agenda and reschedule.



Richmond – approved by DOT for engineering and construction! Site walk with Dan Stewart on June 25. Richmond has already committed the match for design and construction using TIFF funding. Jane’s Trust request to support local match.

A2K – DOT funded design for entire A2K. Once match is committed they will get “on the list”. Three towns are meeting to figure out how they will do it. Alicia: Contact midcoast hospital: Steve Trochman.

GTTA – got $10,000 from Sewall foundation, next month will hear from Bikes Belong, Jane’s Trust and some business requests submitted.

C2C ExRide – July 27 from Gardiner to Bath for 25 riders.

Celebrate Bowdoinham, September 14 – 10 mile bike ride added to agenda

Survey – Alicia and Burnham created form for bike and ped, need counts as well as comments at both ends – Gardiner and Brunswick. Dave Wood will ask Dave Auclaire, KRRT.

September 10-15 dates  for National Bike and Ped Documentation Project ( – do counts then.

Jane’s Trust – Deadline is July 15, Alicia will submit for matching funds for 5 segments of trail and KELT project support. September we will hear if we are invited to submit a full proposal.

Mapping Project – Alicia spoke with 4 cartographers, two are available for the job – Center for Community GIS and Bill Duffy, Northern Geomantics. Both are available for fall start, early 2014 print to meet June 2014 funding expiration.

Outreach materials – Map will be incorporated into brochure for take away and navigation, large format posters for town display and public outreach, detail maps for town centers, and funding proposals and online content.

Interim Signage – Dan wants to ride it, after July 27th to hear our comments from the ride. Interim route approval in fall. Make signs in winter privately with DOT designs. Installed in spring 2014 by DOT, or we can help. June is deadline for Sewall funding of signage.

Next Meeting: September 18 in Bowdoinham

October meeting in Gardiner

10:45 adjourned