Merrymeeting Trail Committee

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meeting Notes


The meeting convened at 8:30 a.m.


Andy Hendrickson, KRRT; Victor Langelo, Topsham; Linda Christie, Access Health; Lynne Sanford, Bowdoinham; Dave Wood, Hallowell (ECG); Nicole Briand, Bowdoinham; Victoria Boundy, Richmond; Rod Melanson, Topsham; Jon Edgerton, Bowdoin/Wright-Pierce; Steve Musica, Richmond.

Task List & Work Plan Updates:

         Organizational Structure Updates:

  Vicky mentioned that the Town Manager has questions from the Board of Selectmen about annual maintenance costs in their review of the Board of Supervisors draft. Both Topsham and KRRT average about .50/foot per year in costs, exclusive of major capital maintenance but inclusive of culvert replacement and washouts. Topsham: $1,700/year for 3,600 feet. KRRT: $7,600 for 6.5 miles. Andy said KRRT looks at the budget every year and in the past few years they have only asked communities for half of the allocated amount. Steve Musica asked if other towns would pony up for maintenance just for Richmond’s portion of trail, and Committee felt it would be up to the Board of Supervisors to determine this kind of thing. Rod asked if it would make sense to get the Town Managers together to discuss the BOS structure and people felt this was a good idea.

  Richmond Village Segment MDOT Application (Vicky): The application went in to MDOT on 8/3. Richmond has applied for the design of two in-town segments, totaling 1.4 miles. Received lots of letters of support. Will be seeking private sources of funding if local match is required. There is a site walk with Dan Stewart on Wednesday, August 15 at 2:30, meet at Town Office. Everyone in MMT is invited but please let Vicky know by the end of day this Friday if you intend to come.


o   Powerpoint Presentation: Nicole and Vicky gave presentation to a couple of people in Richmond Trails group. The group liked the photos; felt it was too text-heavy and jargon. Victor presented with Alicia to GTTA. Jon suggests that we send any comments/suggestions on presentation to Burnham and Jennifer of W-P via email.  Victor will work on turning the PP into a movie and narrating through it. This can go on website, on YouTube, linked to Facebook page, and on local cable. The group will continue to show to small, local groups and then to Selectboards and larger groups in the fall.

o   Event Updates: Richmond Days – Alicia had a table and spoke to many people informally; Victor shared about a conversation he had at Richmond Days with a Richmond abutting farmer who has concerns.

o   Upcoming Events: 8/25 – Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club bike ride from Richmond waterfront to Topsham. 9/15 – Celebrate Bowdoinham.

  Interim Route Signage: Nicole shared mock-up interim signage designs from MDOT. The signs will be 12 x 18. The group felt that the signage needs a consistent logo, less busy, simpler design. Nicole will bring comments to MDOT. There was some discussion of interim route alternatives, including Pleasant Road in Richmond.

         Midcoast Council of Governments – Budget: MCOG had been the fiscal agent before KELT and should have remaining $5 K. The Committee has been submitting requests for money and working with Director for six months but have not gotten anywhere or seen money. There was discussion about how to approach MCOG at this juncture.

Other Business: A request was sent for another year of National Park Service assistance – we should hear back next month.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Next meeting:  September 12, 8:30 a.m., Bowdoinham

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